World Languages Portfolio Project

Description of the Project :

Using portfolios in World Languages is a constructive and rewarding way to guage a student’s progress. For five years at Wilmington Middle High School we have required all World Language students (in middle and high school) to develop a portfolio that represents their progress for the year. Knowing that “adding” another requirement to the curriculum can be time-consuming and difficult to implement, I have developed this presentation. It’s Easy to Accomplish Portfolios for World Languages gives teacher the tools they need to implement a portfolio requirement with little extra time needed for preparing the legwork. My packet contains all the rubrics, requirement sheets, parent letters, and timetables needed to be successful. The presentation also carefully walks through the pitfalls of not using a timetable, and the helpful do’s and don’ts to the process.

Requirement Sheets for all Levels

7 Easy Steps for Completion

Do's and Don'ts


Example Portfolios